about us

We are Web3 builders

Coming from Web2 development, product management and data engineering, we want to build the new web.

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Our vision


We are believers.

We are convinced web3 and blockchain are the future.


We are builders.

We are originally a tech teams of friendly geeks.
We help you build the tech part of your projects.

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We are passionate degens.

A lunch with us is always a warm debate on Blockchain protocols and possibilities.


We are pirates.

In the far west of web3, we want to build quick and well to offer the best to our clients.

Our story

MARCH 2021

Rabbit Hole

Fall into the Rabbit Hole.

Launch of first tokens and launchpads by the Om team.

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Summer 2021


First NFT projects.

Team building.

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SEPT 2021

BlocksLab42 creation

Team officialisation.

Business development.

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